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APRIL 26, 2011

The All Time Favorite Savasana

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Whenever I recite, let’s all go into savasana, I can always hear a sigh of relief from my students. Everyone then lays down on their mat into corpse pose and gentlycloses their eyes.

Savasana is a form of mental and physical relaxation where the body goes into a very deep sleep. Despite that, the mind is still aware and awake but is totally relaxed. The mind will be focused on the breath where breathing should be gentle and regular. One also has to be mindul that during inhalation, oxygen is transported to every cell in the bodyand this will release all the tensed areas and strengthen it. Whereas, during exhalation, the tension in the body will be released with each breath.

Savasana is a simple way of relaxation and can be done by anyone. Below are instructions needed for a 7 – 10 minutes savasana session.

Take note to speak in a boring, monotonous and draggy tone and keep telling your subject to relax and breathe. To have a more relaxing environment, feel free to play soft music with sounds of nature in the background.

To prepare:

  • -Lie down in Shavasana, keep feet at 1 foot apart and drop it freely to the floor.
  • -Hands long by the side of the body but 40˚ away from the body with palms facing up and fingers in jnana mudra (tip of thumb and second finger together)
  • -Keep the eyes closed
  • -Maintain yoga breathe at all times.
  • -Slightly lift the right feet 2 inches above the floor and flex the foot to feel the tension in the leg.lower down.
  • -Now lift the left leg and flex.slowly lower it down.
  • -Lift the right hand 2 inches above the floor and clench the fist to feel the tension in the arm.lower down.
  • -Then lift the left hand and clench. lower it down
  • -Raise the head and chest slightly above the floor and feel the tension in the neck. lower it down
  • -Keep inhaling and exhaling

To start:

Relax your toes… Inhale…Exhale…Inhale…Exhale…

Bring awareness to your heels… Breathe in… and out… to relax…

Focus on your breathas you continue to relax your calves…Relax…Relax…Relax…

Now relax your shins…Inhale…Exhale…Inhale… Exhale…

Continue to release all the tension in your knees…Focus on your breath…Just inhale… and exhale

Relax your butt/gluts… Breathe in deeply…And slowly exhale…

Go on to relax your pelvic area… Draw the breathe in…focus on your breath…and exhale…Relax…Relax… Relax…

Bring awareness to your abdominals… Inhale…Exhale… Inhale…Exhale…

Feel the wave of relaxation to your lower back as you inhale…and exhale….Relax….Relax…Relax…

As you inhale your chest rises…and exhale to let it fall…Breathe…Breathe…And breathe…Inhale to bring all the fresh air into your lungs. And exhale to release all the stale air…

Draw your breathe into your upper back…and continue to release all the tension in your shoulders…Relax…Relax…Relax…

Relax your upper arms… elbows…forearms… your wrists… and every finger in turn…Inhale…Exhale…

Continue to relax your neck…chin…lips…nose…eyes…eye brows…forehead… and scalp…Breathe… And relax…

Finally……… relax your ears…and cheeks…Inhale…Exhale…Inhale…Exhale…

NOTE: Let your subject continue to relax for about 1 minute with you reciting the words Relax…Relax…Relax… or Inhale… Exhale…. in between that 1 minute.

To end:

Bring the feet together and raise the arms over your head to stretch…stretch…stretch

Lower down the arms long by the side of the body. Keep the eyes closed…Inhale.Exhale. Inhale.Exhale.

Bend both knees in and drop the knees to the left….Keep the eyes closed and just breathe…Then switch to drop the knees to the right…When you are ready,push yourself up to sit in sukhasana. …Breathe in and out and relax before your open your eyes.

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APRIL 26, 2011

In Need Of A Space Uplift?

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Incense burner n sandalwood

Purifying and protecting the home is possibly one of the oldest and most wide-spread tradition of nearly any culture or society. These practices are not only aimed at removing negative energies or influences from our private space, but is also done when there are any positive changes in our lives. Therefore, it is advised that purification should be done when energy levels are low or you feel the need to change the energy levels of the space. For example, negatively: when you feel like things are not going your way, mishaps occurring quite frequently or life seems stagnant, and positively: at a marriage, when moving homes, a baby is born or that you landed a new job. After a purifying ritual is done, energy levels of a space will be balanced and harmonized.

There are many ways to purify a space but the two which are largely practiced are the water cleansing and smudging. The water cleansing method is normally done by priests in many religions. It is done by sprinkling some water in a room whilst prayers are being recited by the priests. On the other hand, smudging uses smoke from burning incense ( normally sandalwood ) or herbal leaves ( normally neem ). As with smudging, it is believed that the smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and takes it away, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.

So, if you’re in need of a space purifying or cleansing, get yourself an incense burner and some sandalwood. Then walk around the house, making sure that you get to the corners too. It is also advisable to go around the garden although it might look silly and your neighbors will think that you’ve gone insane. They will probably benefit from it too.

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