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APRIL 26, 2011

In Need Of A Space Uplift?

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Incense burner n sandalwood

Purifying and protecting the home is possibly one of the oldest and most wide-spread tradition of nearly any culture or society. These practices are not only aimed at removing negative energies or influences from our private space, but is also done when there are any positive changes in our lives. Therefore, it is advised that purification should be done when energy levels are low or you feel the need to change the energy levels of the space. For example, negatively: when you feel like things are not going your way, mishaps occurring quite frequently or life seems stagnant, and positively: at a marriage, when moving homes, a baby is born or that you landed a new job. After a purifying ritual is done, energy levels of a space will be balanced and harmonized.

There are many ways to purify a space but the two which are largely practiced are the water cleansing and smudging. The water cleansing method is normally done by priests in many religions. It is done by sprinkling some water in a room whilst prayers are being recited by the priests. On the other hand, smudging uses smoke from burning incense ( normally sandalwood ) or herbal leaves ( normally neem ). As with smudging, it is believed that the smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and takes it away, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.

So, if you’re in need of a space purifying or cleansing, get yourself an incense burner and some sandalwood. Then walk around the house, making sure that you get to the corners too. It is also advisable to go around the garden although it might look silly and your neighbors will think that you’ve gone insane. They will probably benefit from it too.

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