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MARCH 25, 2010

Treat Everything With Respect And Watch Life Bloom All Around You

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” Treat everything with respect and watch life bloom all around you “ Aadil Palkhivala- Fire Of Love

Ex: – When you respect someone, they’ll be nicer to you

- When you practice neccessary care for your clothings, it will not get dirty or tear

easily and therefore will last longer

- If we do not treat our planet well, it will not be a nicer place to be in future

In simple terms, treat others the way you want to be treated….

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MARCH 20, 2010

Save Our Green Planet ( Free e-book download )

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Clean Air,Clean Water,Clean Energy is the mission statement of saveourgreenplanetorg.

To know more, you can download ” The Universal Truth Of R.O.I. ” by Norman Riback for FREE at

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