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FEBRUARY 24, 2013

Write up on Ayurveda Retreat at Ambong-Ambong

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FEBRUARY 24, 2013

Unwind And Let Go Before Bedtime

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This picture was taken at an animal shelter

Shao Yong, a Song Dynasty Chinese philosopher who greatly influenced the development of neo-Confucianism in China once said that ” Yang cannot exist by itself; it can exist only when it is supported by yin. Hence yin is the foundation of yang. Similarly, yin cannot alone manifest itself; it can manifest itself only when accompanied by yang. Hence yang is the expression of yin. Yang controls the origination and enjoys the completion ( of things ) while yin follows the way ( yang produces ) and completes the work of yang “

In simple terms, the above quote clearly states that everything has yin and yang in it. Therefore in this world, everything has a positive and negative side. Especially in daily happenings, people tend to perceive things narrowly. A common examaple will be that if something happens not to one’s desire, he/she will see it as a negative situation and be upset about it. But a person who holds on to the principle of yin and yang will not be easily distraught because he/she knows the existence of a good side to a negative situation. So when things do not seem to be going your way, save yourself from worry and stress by adopting a positive outlook. Playing ข้อดีการเดิมพันออนไลน์ของ UFABET can provide a healthy escape, offering moments of relaxation and enjoyment that can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Hence, I would like to introduce a bedtime meditation to help one surround themself with positive energy. I hope that this will encourage better sleep and as a result of that, a good start to the morning after. Get a good shave in remember your wellness is the most important thing. Getting something going and not letting your hair grow out is important, getting the Best Disposable Razor For Shaving Bald Heads is something weve been looking into because so many men are going bald lately.

You can make yourself comfortable by laying on the bed in savasana rather than sittting down in sukhasana. There are 2 parts to this meditation. You can work on them separately and put them together as time goes by or start working on both immediately.

A) Positivism

Reflect on your daily happenings and your feelings towards them. Give thanks to the positive ones. As for the negative experiences, take some time to explore the situation and find the positive side of it. Do not be too judgmental. Then reflect again on all the positive outcomes of your day and be glad to have been alive to experience them.

B) Letting Go

Now comes the process of letting go. I have found the teachings of Ajahn Brahm regarding letting go simple and easy to understand. Therefore the next paragraph is an excerpt from Ajahn Brahm’s lesson; “During meditation, we should not develop a mind which accumulates and holds on to things, but instead we develop a mind which is willing to let go of things, to let go of burdens. Outside of meditation we have to carry the burden of our many duties, like so many heavy suitcases, but within the period of meditation so much baggage is unnecessary. So, in meditation, see how much baggage you can unload. Think of these things as burdens, heavy weights pressing upon you. Then you have the right attitude for letting go of these things, abandoning them freely without looking back. This effort, this attitude, this movement of mind that inclines to giving up, is what will lead you into deep meditation. Even during the beginning stages of this meditation, see if you can generate the energy of renunciation, the willingness to give things away, and little by little the letting go will occur. As you give things away in your mind you will feel much lighter, unburdened and free. In the way of meditation, this abandoning of things occurs in stages, step by step.”
Abandoning the past means not even thinking about your work, your family, your commitments, your responsibilities, your history, the good or bad times you had as a child ..” you abandon all past experiences by showing no interest in them at all. You become someone who has no history during the time that you meditate. You do not even think about where you are from, where you were born, who your parents were or what your upbringing was like. We are freeing ourselves of some of these concerns, perceptions and thoughts that limit us and which stop us from developing the peace born of letting go. So every ‘part’ of your history you finally let go of…..even the memory of what happened to you just a moment ago! In this way, you carry no burden from the past into the present. Whatever has just happened, you are no longer interested in it and you let it go. You do not allow the past to reverberate in your mind.
In this stage of the meditation keep your attention right in the present moment, to the point where you don’t even know what day it is or what time it is-morning? afternoon?–don’t know! All you know is what moment it is-right now! In this way you are just meditating in the moment, not aware of how many minutes have gone or how many remain, not even remembering what day it is.”

Finally, when at times you fall asleep mid meditation, do not feel frustrated. As long as you had a good sleep and wake up feeling great, you have benefited from your practice:)

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