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JUNE 30, 2012

Fancy A Facelift For Free??

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More people these days are not only afraid of looking and getting old, but are also obsessed with the wrinkles appearing on their faces as they celebrate each year of getting wiser ( and older ). With all these ‘vainness’ around, plastic surgeons are raking in loads of money conducting surgical facelifts. There is no doubt that many out there are not afraid to go under the knife, but for those of you who are or do not want to spend such big amounts of money, let us look at  a natural and safer option, the ancient and modest practice of yoga.

Yoga is known to benefit practitioners’ mind, body and soul but i would like to emphasise that it is natural to wrinkle as we get older. On another hand, some people get more wrinkles than others because of stresses in life, the lack of exercise and an improper diet, basically summed up as an imbalanced lifestyle. So if you are able to balance your work, social and family life plus adhering to a balanced diet, yoga as an exercise can help to keep your body ‘young’.

Hence, i will list out the few poses and methods which can help in making the physical ageing process a slower one.

1) Lion’s Pose ( Simhasana )
This pose imitates the roar of a lion and makes you look silly but it works not only on your facial muscles but also
stretches your throat. Not only do you exercise your face when roaring but normally laughter follows, so it is a double benefit.

2) Headstand / Handstand( Salamba Sirsasana / Adho Mukha Vrksasana )
Being upside down stretches your facial muscles in reverse as opposed to when you are standing on your foot. Headstand is known as the “queen of yoga poses” as it has unlimited benefits. One of it is the increased blood flow to the face and brains, providing more oxygen, nutrient and vitality.

3) Laughter Yoga
Also known as Kataria’s “cocktail”, Madan Kataria, a physician from India invented Laughter Yoga in 1995 which have since become contagious worldwide. There is no limitation as to who can or cannot join a laughter yoga session. Everyone can benefit from this fake laughter session. It is believed to  help increase circulation, stimulate the immune system, exercise the muscles, and even invigorate the brain. Other than that. laughter also reduces stress hormones, which is one of the main reasons for accelerated physical ageing and modern sicknesses.

So let’s all get going and let your defences down. Cultivate your childlike playfulness and do not be embarassed to look silly in lion’s poase or at a laughter yoga session. Do not forget to stand on your head too. All this can be done at no cost to “look and most importantly feel younger”.


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