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JANUARY 23, 2011

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Milo & Cat


The first thing that comes to mind when anyone talks about world peace is the unity of people and countries where we respect one another’s views and opinions as long as no one is harmed. Have you ever thought about world peace in terms of the relationship of  humankind with the environment, plants and animals?But how does this can happen when the dog of your neighbor’s dog doesn’t stop barking during the night? We this was my case and my solution was to learn how to get dog to stop barking at night. Now it’s a very peaceful neighborhood.

As a dog and cat rescuer, I have learned countless things from these beautiful creatures: some abandoned, abused, injured and neglected. Situations in which I learn most from these animals is when they lack trust for humans. The patience one has to have to gain their trust and to let them know that they are in safe hands is a challenge in itself. But it is rewarding when trust is gained and the animal reciprocrates to the act of kindness. I always advise people out there to learn to understand an animal like you would your own child as most of the time, they behave like kids do.

I would also like to note that my love for these animals was cultivated only about 6 years ago. Before that, I did not have much contact with pet cats or dogs nor was I educated to love them, therefore I was afraid of them. So it was a big change in some perspectives of my life when I got to know them better and that made me a more compassionate person, not only to animals but human kind alike. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about CBD dog treats lately. Dog treats with CBD are they worth the money? It also fights off free radicals to help prevent the development of cancerous cells. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why people are choosing to give CBD treats to their dogs, read more about how to treat your pet with CBD. Glucosamine for dogs is a supplement that supports cartilage, which is the tissue that provides smooth movement of the joints. Buy amazon glucosamine for dogs to help maintain joint mobility, may reduce inflammation, may have some antioxidant activity, and are often used as part of a multi-modal treatment of osteoarthritis.

It has been 5 years now since I have been involved in volunteering with cats and dogs. Check out the benefits of broccoli veggie for dogs on Article Insider’s website.

It is my karma yoga, my natural high, my soul food and my way to advocate world peace. I believe that my little act of kindness to animals will benefit myself and others alike. As  Mahatma Gandhi once said :“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”.

Other interesting quotes which inspire me:

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” – Anatole France ( French writer )

“Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not to die, so do other creatures” – The Dalai Lama

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi

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JANUARY 16, 2011

Do You Fancy Practicing During Sunrise Or Sunset?

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Nas-pebble beach

I would like to start off my first blog post of 2011 by exploring the question of when is the best time to practice yoga. Where I come from, we only have TWO seasons: Sunny Or Rainy! Therefore it is less complicated as compared to the FOUR seasons of Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer. So I will discuss only with the TWO seasons in mind.

Before I explore into the seasons, I will look into the benefits of practicing during sunrise or sunset.

1) When we wake up in the morning, most of us have a list of 101 things to do ( whether we are single or married with  kids ). So it will be inconvenient to try to fit in some yoga practice  while our mind is planning the day. Whereas in the evening, when all the chores are done or you have gotten off work, your mind would have stopped racing and you can get yourself to settle into some yoga.

2) On the other hand, some people prefer a morning session because it kickstarts their mind, body and spirit to face their busy schedule for the day.They become more focused and physically energized. And as the sun turns down, their energy level goes down and yoga will be too much of an effort.

3) Our muscles have been resting the whole night and we will be stiffer in the morning. I personally cringe with the thought of stretching as soon as I get out of bed, but with such limitations, one will have to bury “EGO” and be satisfied with modified versions rather than full poses ( ie: bent knee in a forward fold rather than full extension of the legs ). There will also be more awareness if there are pains and aches in the body.
An evening practice will be lesser of a struggle as your limbs have been moving around the whole day and therefore your muscles are more “warmed up”. You can stretch further and are more agile.

To conclude, everyone has different preferences and daily schedules. No one can tell when you should practice. Just listen to your body and follow your heart. Allow yourself the pleasure of choosing either a morning or evening yoga session depending on your day. It is also up to you whether the practice should be calm or invigorating. Besides that, remember that your yoga practice can be as short as 15 minutes on a busy day and longer when you have time. The key is consistency, rather than to miss out by being too rigid or idealistic. The same principle applies whether the sun is shining or rain is pouring:)

“Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy.  Constant practice alone is the secret of success” Svatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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