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OCTOBER 20, 2012

Free Yourself

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Everyone at all ages have experienced loss in many degrees. It can be as trivial as a missing toy to the loss of a property or life. Some losses can be replaced but others not. hence, the irreplaceable ones are usually harder to come to terms with.

When the bigger losses occur in someone’s life, there will be a tendency to go in search of ways to help reduce the emptiness. It has to be said that the practice of yoga has helped many to cope with loss by healing their mind, body and soul. Not only that, but before the process of healing, yoga can also assist in the process of acknowledging and accepting one’s loss which then exposes one to the feeling of grief.

Acknowledging loss

Acknowledging one’s loss is very important in recognizing the fact that the ‘something or someone’ was in their life but is not around anymore. Depending on the loss, one may be able to go on with life as before, with the same routine and expectations. But at times, changes have to be done in consideration of such absences, to be able to lead a normal life again.

Accepting Loss & Grieving

Acknowledging and accepting one’s loss are two different things. With acceptance, the natural and unavoidable response is grief. While many prefer to evade grieving experiences, due to culture, upbringing or fear, it will be advisable to let your guards down and let sorrow move through you. It is just like any problems in life, when not dealth with, will remain unsolved and cannot be expected to dissapear. This will have a detrimental effect on one’s emotional life in future. We sometimes refer to this as emotional baggage.

Freeing Yourself

Yoga teaches that everything in this world is not permanent and never be ‘yours’ as it all comes and goes. So do not focus on what you have lost because there are still more things to come. Therefore learn to let go on past experiences and open your mind and soul to whatever awaits you in the future. Such is the reality of life.

Pranayama and awareness

A simple pranayama technique, known as the alternate nostril breathing helps to regulate the breath in a slow-paced manner, resulting in a sense of calmness. When this breathing exercise is done in combination with awareness, it helps clear the mind. The breath and mind go together in helping to create a positive attitude in life.

Lastly, it will also be beneficial to read Sally Kempton’s ‘Navigating Change’. Besides acknowledging and accepting loss, it is similarly important to acknowledge and accept change. In order to free yourself, keep in mind that change is unavoidable, therefore learn to let go.


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