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APRIL 26, 2012

Pranayama For Motion Sickness

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“Motion sickness” as the name says it, means sickness due to movements. The most common occurrences are when one travels in a car, train, aeroplane and boat. It is caused when inconsistent signals are sent by the eyes, body and inner ear to the brain. An imbalance will occur as a result of this confusion.

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For instance, when you are travelling in an aeroplane or a boat, when the aeroplane is going through a turbulence or a boat rocks in a storm, your body feels the movement, but your eyes are looking at things in the plane or boat which are still, will not register such movements. Therefore the signals sent to the brain is inconsistent resulting in dizziness and nausea which often leads to vomiting, perspiration and nervousness. Under normal circumstances, motion sickness stops when the movement stops.

There are ways to help ease travel sickness and mainly medications are used. Putting medication aside, I have personally found deep breathing pranayama and a stable mind helpful. Deep breathing or the full yogic breathing ensures that the body gets enough oxygen. Other than that, it contributes to calming your mind. In addition to that, think positive and imagine or convince yourself that you are in a stable environment. Avoid moving your head too much and if possible, sit by the window to get some fresh air.

In conclusion, both deep breathing and a stable mind work perfectly well together in ensuring a comfortable travelling experience whatever mode of transport you are in.

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