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JANUARY 27, 2012

The Three Teachings – First: Retreat

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Few years ago, a friend of mine lent me a book entitled Three Teachings. It consists of three talks delivered by Tenzin Palmo in Singapore in the year of 1999. Born in London in 1943, she was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1964. Her talks were aimed at an ordinary audience of people with families,professions and normal social obligations.  Therefore, in order to make Dharma appeal to these people without expecting them to leave their social responsibilities, Tenzin Palmo retracts the ‘over-emphasism’ of sitting meditation as the sole means to enlightenment. Instead, she points out that when one lives his or her everyday lives with awareness and open heartedness, that is the very basis of a Dharma practice. Tenzin not only delivers her teachings in plain language and with compassion, but makes it lively with humour.

In this month’s blog post, I have attached a downloadable pdf file of her first teaching entitled “Three Teachings- Retreat“. The second and third teachings will be uploaded in the February and March blog posts. Enjoy:)


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