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DECEMBER 30, 2011

Reinvent Your New Year’s Resolution This Coming 2012

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Christmas is gone and most of you will be thinking of your new year’s resolution. The usual ones are to lose some weight and eat healthier, to earn more money, to stop smoking and drinking or to spend more time with your loved ones. All of these seem slightly self concerned although it may indirectly benefit the people around you. So, let us move away from all of these mundane resolution and spice up year 2012 by introducing a different flavour to your new year’s pledge: one which is more in tune with being charitable. To give you a head start, think about volunteering at an orphanage, an old folks home, an animal shelter or a community centre. Such kind acts will benefit you and your receiver, emotionally and mentally. Please give this noble suggestion of mine some thought and hopefully you attain new experiences for 2012. Have a great year ahead, one full of happiness and good health.

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