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MARCH 28, 2011

Head Rush Or Dizziness At Yoga

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While staying in uttanasana, you initially feel all the blood flowing into your head, warming up your face and ears, resulting in a hot tingly feeling and then after a while, a sense of relaxation. On some days, when you inhale while lifting your head to fully stand up, you feel slightly off balance and dizziness. This is a common feeling of head rush.

What happens while lifting your head to fully stand is that the blood tends to rush suddenly away from the head, resulting in a sudden change of pressure from high to low. Whilst this scenario is commonly known as a head rush, for some it may be due to a medical reason of low blood pressure or hypotension. Hypotension is a measure of diastolic pressure* of less than 60 mmHG.

Therefore, if one suffers head rush in Uttanasana, do not lift to stand immediately, but lift yourself into Ardha Uttanasana and stay for a few breaths before fully standing up. Whereas for a person with hypotension, do not drop your head to look towards your legs, instead look to the ground, then release into Ardha Uttanasana before standing up.



Uttanasana With Gaze To the Ground

Uttanasana With Gaze To the Ground

Ardha Uttanasana

Ardha Uttanasana

On the other hand, a person with hypotension needs to increase their blood pressure by increasing their heart beat or making their heart work harder. The few ways to do that is to do some cardio exercises, have a more dynamic yoga practice and to practice more inversions ( get used to the passive poses first ).

*Diastolic pressure: pressure in arteries during dilation

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Comments (3)

  1. Deepika

    Hi.. I hv not got a flexible body , so i m not able to touch my feet in the above pose.
    The main problem with me is that i feel dizzy after getting up from shavasana after doing all the asanas. One day i my trainer told me to not to do the pose in which we are supposed to lift our legs to 90 degreen while laying on the floor. Dat day dizziness was reduced to a great extent but not completely.. When i used to do dat pose i felt the blood rushing tto my brain and i felt it in my ears.. What should i do to completely get rid of dis problem.?

  2. Dorothy

    Hey Deepika,
    I would suggest that you place a cushion or towels under your head to elevate your upper body slightly above the ground. this will help in reducing dizziness when you lift your legs at 90 degrees off the floor. Please tell me if it helps.

  3. Deepika

    Thnx fr d help..:) I will try it for sure.. But i would also like to tell that i don’t get dizziness while doing that pose n i m able to do all the asanas after it n those r ussually done while laying on floor.. After all the asanas i end up doing shavasan . The problem starts when i get up after doing it.

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