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SEPTEMBER 17, 2010

The Spiritual Nichtern Trio

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If you have not heard of the Nichtern family, then it is time for you to check them out.

They are a highly successful family with lots of wisdom to share. David Nichtern, a broadway producer who successfully wrote the famous song “ Midnight At the Oasis ”, Cyndi Lee ( aka Mrs Nichtern ) a dance choreographer and their son, Ethan Nichtern, are a trio helping to spread the teachings and philosophy of Buddhism.

Three of them give regular talks around the United States. Other than that, David has also spread his teachings through music and Cyndi, her dance productions and yoga. Both Cyndi and Ethan has written some books entitled, “ OM Yoga: A Guide To Daily Practice ” and “ One City: A Declaration Of Interdependence ”.

To discover what the HOOHAS surrounding the Nichterns is all about, check out these few weblinks below. Enjoy and hope you find delight in the superfluous sea of free spiritual information.

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Comments (2)

  1. Michael

    A few inaccuracies here. David is NOT a Broadway producer (his mother Claire was). He is a successful composer/songwriter though, and yes he wrote Midnight at the Oasis.

    Also, Ethan is the son of David, but not of Cyndi, who is David’s 2nd wife.


  2. Dorothy

    Ahh Ill look into that.Thx Michael:)

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