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OCTOBER 27, 2009

Paradise Found

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An excerpt from Tiger Tales – Tiger Airlines inflight magazine featuring our very own Dorothy Ang…

Yoga Instructor and Director, Langkawi Yoga

It was a combination of stubbornness and serendipity that landed Dorothy Ang in Langkawi. In 2006, the Malaysian was back home in Port Dickson with a spanking new law degree from a prestigious UK university. Just one problem: “I knew that being stuck in an office was not my style.” Resisting parental nudges to take up her vocation, Dorothy taught classes at her mother’s health club instead. Months later, Dorothy landed a job as an instructor at a Langkawi resort, and in May 2007 she co-founded Langkawi Yoga.

“It would drive me crazy to live in a city,” says Dorothy, who revels in slow-paced island life. “Here people have time for you. You say ‘hello’ to everyone – that’s just the culture.” Langkawi’s abundant greenery is another attraction. “Every time I fly in I think, ‘What a beautiful place to come back to’. ”

Dorothy reckons that the island’s wealth of knowledgeable guides and teachers who can explain everything from the life cycle of a mangrove seedling to how to prepare a local meal makes it unique. “There’s so much to do here, and you can learn a lot,” says Dorothy. “That’s what makes this place a gem.”

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  1. Monroe

    At every meeting, Dorothy has shown so much warmth, kindness and her passion towards Yoga. Yes, it would be wise to flyover to this beautiful paradise and get yourself unwind in one of her classes.

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