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DECEMBER 3, 2009

Honey & Lemon Drink – a thirst quencher and an easy crowd pleaser

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Water ( hot or cold )
Honey and lemon to your preference
A slice of lemon and a mint leave to garnish


Major Benefits Of Honey

  1. Good substitute to sugar – lesser calories than sugar
  2. Energy booster – glucose in honey is absorbed into the body quicker than sugar
  3. Antiseptic and antioxidant – aids the digestive system whereby it helps fight diseases
  4. Improves complexion – it acts as a mosituriser in skin care items
  5. Heals wounds and cuts – can be applied on skin

Major Benefits Of Lemon

  1. Cures colds and sore throat – due to high contents of Vitamin C – best to drink it with honey
  2. Helps indigestion and constipation – it has a cleansing effect
  3. Controls high blood pressure – high in potassium
  4. Acts as a blood purifier
  5. Skin care – high contents of Vitamin C – reduces wrinkles and fade scars
  6. Insecticide – mother’s nature version of insecticide, esp mosquitoes and flies

**A little secret : lemon and warm milk aids in sleeplesness

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  1. kawLoalay

    Kick-ass article, amazing looking blog, added it to my favs.

  2. Dorothy

    Thanks kaw.Appreciate it:)

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