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JANUARY 29, 2013

Stretch In Your Pajamas For a Better Sleep

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Waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep creates a feeling of postiveness around a person. This is an important attitude to have as it goes on to benefit the people around you and the way in which you carry out your daily activities. In order to encourage better sleep patterns after a busy day, especially for those who sit at their desk for work , it will be beneficial to ease the strain in the spine and lower back with simple stretches that can be done in bed and better still, even in your pajamas. The following are five stretches which are so simple it can be done by anyone young and old, whether you are a yoga enthusiast or not. The instructions are short and simple to follow. To improve your sleep quality buy peptides.

1) Cat and cow stretch

What it does:
Releases the strain in the spine and increases flexibility of the spine

How :
1) Go on all fours, with palms directly under your shoulders, knees directly under your hips
2) The legs and arms to be shoulder width apart
3) Inhale to arch your back and stay for 2 seconds ( cow stretch )

4) Exhale and round your back towards the ceiling and stay for 2 seconds ( cat stretch )

5) Repeat 10 sets

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2) Restorative back stretch

What it does:
Stretches the mid and upper back and chest

1) Place a bolster or pillow ( 2 pillows if the height is not enough ) under your mid back
2) Open your arms to the side, at shoulder height and let the head rest on the bed. If this makes you feel dizzy,
place a pillow under your head
3) Keep your legs shoulder width apart and let the feet fall freely to the sides
4) Stay for as long as you want

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3) Reclined spinal twist

What it does:
Stretches the spine, shoulders and lower back

1) Lay on your back with arms stretched to the sides abd legs straight
2) Bend the right knee in and let it fall to the left, turning to look at the right fingers
3) If the right knee doesnt touch the bed, try bending the left knee slightly or place a pillow under the right knee
4) Stay for as long as you want and then switch sides for the equivalent length

**Picture taken from

4) Legs up the wall

What it does:
Relaxes the legs and lower back

1) Rest your legs against a wall and open your arms to the sides
2) Stay for as long as you want

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Lastly, lay comfortable on your back in corpse pose and take full deep breaths to calm your mind and body to prepare for your quality slumber.


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