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JULY 26, 2012

Focusing Only On The Inhales And Exhales In Pranayama ( Breathing Exercise )

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The Alternate Nostril Breathing exercise  is recommended for beginners as it is not complicated and it helps one to focus only on the inhales and exhales as opposed to other pranayamas which includes breath retention. There are many benefits for this simple pranayama ie: calming, cleansing, balancing and better sleeping patterns mainly because it balances the hot and cool air produced by breathing. In other words, it balances the flow of energy in the body. The ancient yogis observed that a lot of diseases were due to disturbances of the nasal cycle or if a person breathes for too long through one nostril. They also believe that when we breathe, our right and left nostrils dominate alternately at about every 4 hours. The hot air flows through the right nostril, which relates to the sun therefore energizing our body, whereas the cool air flows through the left nostril, relating to the moon, relaxing or calming a person. With the alternate breathing exercise, balance between both nostrils will keep one healthy. Take a look to the best metaboost connection reviews.


  1. Right hand in Vishnu mudra (fold the index and middle finger in towards the palm).
  2. Left hand in Chin mudra ( tip of the thumb and your index finger together )
  3. Sit in Padmasana / Samasana position
  4. Close the right nostril with the thumb. Inhale through the left nostril for 4 counts, then release the thumb and pause before you switch by closing the left nostril with the ring finger ( or ring and little fingers ) and exhale through the right nostril for 4 counts. Make sure to read the latest biotox gold reviews.
  5. Keep the ring finger on the left nostril and the right nostril open as you inhale through the right nostril for 4 counts, then pause as you release the ring finger and switch by closing the right nostril with the thumb and exhale through the left nostril for 4 counts. Take a look to
  6. All of the above is one cycle. Repeat about 4 – 8 times each set. Once you are used to this practice, you can increase the number of counts and cycles.


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