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APRIL 27, 2012

Distinguishing Marks On The Soles Of The Buddha

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I have found this information about The Lord Buddha interesting and hope you would too.

There are 108 distinguishing marks on both the soles of Buddha. They represent the 3 worlds. 59 indicating the inanimate world ( Okasaloka ), 21 indicating the animate world ( Sattaloka ) and 28 indicating the world of the conditioned ( Sankharaloka ). The essence here is that the Buddha is greater than all the 3 worlds. These marks became apparent right from the birth of the Buddha when 8 out of the 108 royal astrologers present were asked to comment on them. 7 said that the child would either become the Buddha or the Cakkavati ( Universal Monarch ). Only Sudatta Kondamma, the youngest of them made a single prediction that the royal child was destined to become the Buddha. This is because there was the image of Cakkavatti on the child’s soles and a personage superior to a Cakkavatti could only be a Buddha.

In worshiping the108 distinguishing marks on the soles of the Buddha, one should therefore remember to one’s benefit that the Buddha is endowed with the attributes of :

The Chief Of The World ( Tilokagga )
The One Who Has Reached The End oF The World And All Things Wordle ( Tilokantagu )
The Knower Of The Three Worlds ( Lokavidu )


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