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NOVEMBER 11, 2009

Dry Brushing – a diy massage, exfoliation and detoxification

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Do you dry brush? Have you heard of dry brushing?
If your answer to both questions are NO….you should read on.

What is it?
Dry brushing is a way of brushing the body with a dry brush. It differs from scrubbing yourself with a loofah while showering.

What is a dry brush and how to choose one?
It is a brush with soft bristles, preferably made from natural materials ( ie vegetable fibre ) because most synthetic brushes are too hard and will injure the skin. The brush for the face is slightly softer than the body brush. You should be able to find it in health stores or special body care stores.

PB101801 Dry Brush-body
Face Brush and Body Brush

What are the benefits?
The skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day. It is also known as our third kidney. Therefore dry brushing helps exfoliate and unclog by removing the dry skin, revealing the new layer of clean, bright and smooth skin which the body processes every 12 hours. If it is done often, the skin will be seen as glowing, cellulites will be reduced and muscles will be toned.

Other than that dry brushing helps with blood circulation as it is a form of massage and it also stimulates our nerve endings, benefiting the nervous system. The health of our liver and kidneys will be improved because the body is no longer concentrating the entire detoxification process on those organs.

Most importantly, it helps clean the lymphatic system which creates a stronger immune system, visit site to learn more about your health.

How is it done?
The best time to do it is before you hit the shower in the morning.

The basic rules :

Face -  brush gently from the middle to the sides .
Body – brush strokes towards the heart, but as for the stomach, chest and armpits,
use clockwise and anti clockwise strokes

Make sure that you avoid areas of broken skin, acne or rashes.
After that, shower as usual and massage some good moisturizer into your skin, if you want a deeper massage we suggest to check the Wellness Geeky review best foot massagers that are great for this occasion.

How to care for your brush?
Wash with soap and water at least once a week and leave it to dry. Please do not share your brush with anyone else.

This 5 minutes routine will leave you energized and invigorated. Your morning showers will never be the same without the dry brushing routine. You will definitely FEEL the difference after one first session and SEE the benefits after a week. I bet you will be singing James Brown’s “ I Feel Good ” after your morning showers.

Have a therapeutic brushing time:)!!

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  1. ELSIE


  2. Dorothy

    Hey Elsie,
    As far as Im concerned, dry brushing can be done just by anyone. Dry brushing improves blood circulation. Ive never hear of it being bad for high blood pressure.
    Hope this helps:)

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