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OCTOBER 28, 2011

You Can Be Spiritual And ‘Happening’ At The Same Time

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This funky book entitled ‘ Call Me Paris’ was presented to me as a gift by a dear friend. My initial thought when reading the title was that this is going to be a ‘chick lit’ book. Well, I have nothing against books which spins tales about women and their lives but I just prefer some other genres. Nonetheless, I’m a book lover and I will always appreciate books especially if it is a gift. So, I flipped it over to read the synopsis which narrates as follows:

Life was good for Jamie – martinis, shopping, a career in fashion journalism and plenty of cash brought instant happiness. So it was a bit of a shock for her to find herself sitting in front of a gorgeous 38-year-old Guru and talking to him about how she could combine her aspirations to become Paris Hilton with a wish to become the next female Buddha.

Follow her journey as she steps foot into this incredible world of spiritual practice – from Kuala Lumpur to India to Paris, from Tsem Rinpoche’s dining room table to the freezing hills of Kathmandu, from her daily troubles to the wide open spaces of Enlightenment.

Jamie tells her story with great honesty and much humour, showing us that spirituality doesn’t have to start in the cloistered confines of a nunnery. It begins right where you are, in whatever you’re doing or aspiring to be.

The last paragraph definitely caught my attention, so I looked at the publisher’s information which surprisingly says that the book was published by a Buddhist publishing house called Kechara Media & Publications. I just thought that a Buddhist publication and aspiration to be Paris Hilton does not go hand in hand but to be honest, I liked the idea.

I am half way through the book now and at the same time, too eager to introduce it to all  my readers, hence the promotion before finishing it. I totally agree with the fact that spirituality can be adopted by anyone without giving up their colourful lifestyles, as long as it does not harm themselves and others around them. One need not be a hermit or in Jamie’s words ” confined to a nunnery” to adopt and practice spiritual teachings.

So to get a copy of “Call Me Paris”, log on to VajraSecrets
To read Jamie’s fun and loving blog, go on to The Dharma Princess Diaries
Finally, to read more about Kechara, their Buddhist Centre and lots more, Kechara

**I am advertising this book on my own free will and do not receive commissions from any purchase of this book by my readers.


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