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NOVEMBER 5, 2009

The Quick Fix

Posted by Dorothy under Natural Highs2 comments

“ Sorry, Im still not fully awake….I haven’t had my caffeine fix this morning ”

Does this verse sound familiar to most of you? Some say or hear it so often it sounds like a mantra to them. Most of the time, your cuppa gives you an invigorating feeling, but is it good for you and how long does it last till you grab your next caffeine fix again? There is no doubt that caffeine has its benefits, drinking a cup of the best coffe from it is actually good for you, you should read the  effects of having to much caffeine below :

a) Instant stimulant legal drug

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and prompts the adrenal glands to release adrenaline, a hormone released in response to stress. Your heart beats faster, glucose is released into the blood stream and you feel energized. But overtime, your adrenal glands will not function normally and same goes to your liver which becomes conditioned to metabolise caffeine more quickly, meaning you’ll need even more cups of coffee to get the same lift. On the other hand with the heart rate increasing, some may experience palpitation, anxiety and irritability.

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b) Diuretic

This effect varies for different people as everyone has different levels of tolerance.What happens is that caffeine elevates the rate of urination and can therefore cause dehydration.

c) Gastritis

Caffeine increases gastric acid secretion in the stomach resulting in an inflammation of the stomach lining.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, let us try not to rely on caffeine but rather ensure that you have ENOUGH SLEEP, REGULAR EXERCISE and most importantly a POSITIVE OUTLOOK. With that we promise that from time to time, we will fuel you with info on ways to energize your energy levels in this section which we have categorized as “ NATURAL HIGHS ”.

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Comments (2)

  1. Shaza Hakim

    For a reformed caffeine-addict, this post is correct on many levels. I used to take up to 7 espressos a day to cope with the demand of creativity and working odd hours, until I began to develop symptoms of insomnia and lack of energy for most part. Cut back was in order and I’m now down to a cup a day, sometimes none at all.

    But then again, not many things can beat the smell of coffee in the morning :)

  2. Dorothy

    Good on you girl :) I agree that the smell of fresh brewed coffee does tempt your senses…..

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