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JULY 28, 2011

Heal Yourself With Colours

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People in Asia these days try to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid the dangerous rays of sunlight which is one of the causes of skin cancer. What they do not realize is that sunlight is a natural energy needed by our body as they provide us with Vitamin D and most importantly in the healing world, it helps energize our chakras. With 7 main chakras in our body, and each relating to a body organ, the lack of sunlight therefore causes the colours of our chakras to dull and in turn leaves us feeling emotionally and physically imbalanced. People suffering from skin cancer usually sell their life insurance policies as a viatical settlement deal in order to pay for treatment expenses.

To counter this dilemma, I would like to introduce to all my readers an indoor chakra energizer called the colour healing. It can take from as little as 5 minutes to as long as you want and can be done either standing or sitting. If you find it difficult to remember the sequence of the colours of your chakra, it will be useful to know that the colour of our 7 main chakras are the same as the colours of rainbow in the same sequence.

To start: Inhale and exhale deeply to calm and centre yourself. Then move on to the
instructions when you are ready.

1) As you inhale, imagine the colour red coming up through your legs and when you exhale fill up your root chakra ( security centre ) with this energizing colour, giving you a vibrant feeling of security and confidence. Next, inhale again as you absorb the qualities that the red vibrations gives you, then exhale as you feel fear being dispelled down through your legs and into the ground.

2) Next, imagine the colour orange moving up to your sacral chakra
( sensation centre ), then exhale to flood orange into your sacrum enlivening you even more after the red, bringing you joy. Inhale again to absorb more of the positive qualities then exhale to disperse sadness into the ground.

3)  As you mentally bring in the yellow into your solar plexus chakra
( power centre ), bring in power and will into yourself. It helps boost up confidence and low self esteem, promoting optimism. Other than that, it also encourages self-control.

4) Now, bring in green, the colour of nature into your heart chakra
( love centre ), creating love and compassion to yourself and your loved ones. When you exhale, remove hatred and revenge and bury these negative feelings into the ground.

5) Then comes blue for the throat chakra ( centre of communication and understanding ) a peaceful and relaxing colour which helps in uplifting your moods. It promotes calmness and understanding, allowing better self – expression.

6) Next, visualize indigo slowly enveloping your third eye chakra ( intuition centre).It’s connected to a person’s ability to think clearly, as well as their sense of imagination, intuition, wisdom, awareness to the world and insight that we all have to some degree. It helps us make decisions, and our ability to tell reality from fantasy. In other words, it helps one to be more trusting of their intuition.

7) Finally, let violet fill your crown chakra ( cosmic consciousness centre ), which is the symbol of purity and spirituality. It helps to balance the other 6 chakras and promotes freedom in three aspects of a human being: physical, emotional and spiritual.

To end: Visualise all the 7 colors energizing your chakras again, from your root to the crown. Then inhale to bring in positiveness into your self and exhale to release all the negative feelings into the ground. To finish, mentally tell yourself that you are now feeling recharged and revitalized, and that you will have a positive day ahead no matter what comes your way.

This method of colour healing need not be done as a whole. You can choose to energize only one particular chakra to achieve the effects you desire.Ie: focus on visualizing green in your heart chakra when you feel anger while filling your heart with love and compassion.

*For more info on chakras, check out the chakra energy chart

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