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DECEMBER 26, 2010

Looking Into 2011 And Beyond

Posted by Dorothy under Philosophyno responses

Whilst on transition to a NEW 2011, most of you would look back and justify the good and bad experiences encountered in year 2010, but why not let the past be the past? For once, let us all look ahead into year 2011 and start anew. Forget new year resolutions as they will be long forgotten by March and focus instead on our current actions and decisions protecting your health to avoid injury since injuries could happen in accidents or slips and the use of resources from could help with this.. With that in mind, let us all put into mind “A Yogi’s Prayer” for the goodness of the world. Remember that our own actions do not only affect ourselves but everyone around us.

A Yogi’s Prayer

May all who are mean return to good;
May all who are good obtain true peace.
May all who are peaceful be freed from bonds;
May all who are free set others free.

Blessings upon all the earth;
May all of the world’s rulers uphold righteousness.
May only good fortune reach everyone;
May all the world’s creatures be happy.

May rain fall when the earth is thirsty;
May all the storehouses be filled.
May everyone here be free from injury,
May all who are good be free from fear.

May everyone know a life of joy;
May everyone live a life of health.
May everyone see only good in the world;
May everyone soon be released from pain.

May everyone overcome all their woes;
May everyone see only good in the world.
May everyone realize all their desires;
May everyone everywhere be glad.

May our mother and father be blessed;
Blessings upon every creature on earth.
May our works flourish and aid everyone,
And long may our eyes see the sun.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti (peace).

( An excerpt from Mukunda Stiles’s “Structural Yoga Therapy” )

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