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APRIL 24, 2010

91-Year-Old Female Yoga Instructor: An Inspiration To All

Posted by Dorothy under Philosophy6 comments

Have you ever wondered what will you be doing if you do live up to the age of 90? Well, I personally wish that I will be healthy as long as I live. Currently, I have been teaching a 74 year old man for slightly more than 3 years. He drives, cooks, goes for holiday-even as far as Europe, walks his dog, reads and can even handle a session of Power Yoga with the younger men who sometimes struggle when Mr 74 years old is not. I have much respect for the older generation who still have the will of the young souls but I was convinced that age is just a number when I came across the video of Tao Lynch
I have posted the video here for all of you to watch with wide mouth and be inspired!

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Comments (6)

  1. Aida

    Wow..! thanks for sharing :)

  2. moni Storz

    i hope that i will be like her when i am 90! i am very proud to announce that my body is able to do the plough fully now in spite of my fall in Langkawi in 2007! Age is never an impediment to anything…well, at least for me anyway eg my man is 12 years younger than me! and he cannot do the plough! yoga forever!

  3. Natasha Khoo

    wow… inspiring indeed!

  4. PClark

    AWesome! I am totally inspired.

  5. Dorothy

    Hey Aunt Mo…Of cos u can do anything. You have the heart and drive of a 40 year old:P….Erm uncle Phil is just chilled out…..He’s happy as long as he can sing….

  6. Mike

    Thanks for sharing Dorothy.

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