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NOVEMBER 24, 2009

Anyone Fancy A Symphony Of Cicadas??

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I was teaching a class at a resort spa during sunrise, cocooned within a rainforest sanctuary and overlooking the Andaman sea. As the students were deep into relaxation and lying comfortably in Savasana ( Corpse pose ), the calling of an insect broke the silence. I could not determine the sound until about 20 seconds later when the whole symphony just filled the air. It was the beautiful sounds of the female cicadas, calling out to the male for mating purposes. It was loud but soothing to our ears. It was the perfect moment that the cicadas decided to  ‘ sing for us ’. Only about 5 minutes later, when I cited…..slowly and gently…….return to the here and now….my students opened their eyes with a smile on their face, feeling utterly relaxed. They sat up and looked around them, appreciating the nature which surrounded us.


For those of you who are wondering how cicadas look and sound like, please click on the links below: – a clear look at a cicada – symphony of cicadas

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